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Tori Wrånes

Art @ House of Foundation

Tori Wrånes is a vocalist and artist and has a transmedial artistic practice, which unfolds as performance, sculptures, videos or installations. Her use of sounds, musical instruments, costumes, props, architecture, and sculptures deforms her appearance and creates new rituals and dreamlike constellations. Choreography with sound might be a good way to describe her work, be it solo or with multiple performers, like opera-singers on bikes, musicians in a chairlift, or a singing rock.

She has two times earlier participated at Møllebyen Litteraturfestival and is now returning to Moss for Lyse Netter 2023.

Medmusiker/medkomposisjon: Joar Renolen
Innspilling: Carl Svensson
Kostymetekniker: Lisa Asplund
Metal: Sven Undheim
Produsent Studio Wrånes: Tone Kittelsen
Assistent Studio Wrånes: Qi Tan

Lysenetter ikon6.png
Lysenetter ikon5.png
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