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FaUSt (DE)

Performing krautrock classic "Faust IV" (1973)

Krautrockbandet FaUSt kommer til Moss, 50 år etter starten i Hamburg for å spille den legendariske platen «Faust IV» (1973). Bandets formel for seig, hypnotisk groovebasert rock, med underlig nedstrippet komp og store lydlandskap er fortsatt fersk. Faust har åpnet opp et stort musikalsk rom og har inspirert artister innenfor industri, tekno, rock og kompleks pop.


50 years of Faust in 200 words

1971: Faust sign up with Polydor International, Hamburg/Germany. In their Wümme studio, Faust record three of their own albums plus two joint albums with the avant-pop trio Slapp Happy and another album in collaboration with american minimalist Tony Conrad. Got kicked out of Polydor two years later

1973: Faust join Virgin Records, releasing the album The Faust Tapes. Faust record Faust IV at The Manor studios/UK for Virgin. Got kicked out of Virgin a year later.

1974: Faust record the album Punkt. at Pat Giorgio Moroder‘s Musicland Studio, in Munich… and goes underground for the next 16 years. By then Faust had become what Julian Cope described as „the most mythical band ever” and the most radical of all Krautrock bands.

Since 1990 Faust have toured extensively in Europe, the USA and the rest of the world, created their own label and produced numerous albums in London, Austin, Hamburg and Schiphorst. Over the years and from gig to gig Faust’s line-up continues to vary - from trio to larger ensembles – with founding members’ performances often enriched by the participation of local musicians/artists, as well as many long-term friends and collaborators.

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